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About Us

Inspired by the spirit of the Enlightenment, the Sheffield Salon is part of a small, but growing, nationwide movement of individuals and groups who wish to re-foster spirited debate and rational enquiry.

The Salon aims to develop an intellectual environment where ideas are welcomed. However, although we believe our contributors have a right to hold an opinion, they also have a duty to express and defend it against challenge. We believe it is only through open and uncensored debate that we come to know and develop our own opinions and become able to draw conclusions about the pressing issues of our time.

Our members and contributors come from many varied backgrounds and have differing outlooks, opinions and interests. But, we share the objective of bringing to bear the following general aims and principles on contemporary intellectual life:

  • To establish a public forum to discus issues and values of significance.
  • To defend the enlightenment values of free speech, free scientific and philosophic enquiry and the idea that human progress is both possible and worthwhile.
  • That we can and should attract challenging speakers of note from the fields of politics, the arts, science, philosophy and history to engage in entertaining and meaningful debate with the people of Sheffield.
  • To bring the arts and science together in public debate.
  • Fostering an atmosphere of robust,spirited but civilised civic debate, free enquiry and free speech.
  • Create a bridgehead for the public into the intellectual concerns of academic, political, scientific and cultural institutions.